About Ted

I've been building and repairing instruments for 20 years. Having completed a degree in fine arts, I was looking for a way to combine my love of design and handwork with a lifelong interest in music. Luthiery seemed an obvious choice.

I studied the rudiments of guitar making with David Freeman through his intensive training course at Timeless Instruments. That was followed by years of self-directed study and experimentation.

I spent several years doing in-house repair work for the Music Shack in Oakville, while at the same time building guitars in many styles - steel string, resonator and classical, as well as several mandolins. I'm also fascinated with Renaissance and Baroque-period instruments, and have attended symposia featuring noted lute makers Grant Tomlinson and Andy Rutherford.

I found myself with Lee Valley Tools in both sales and education capacities, teaching seminars in topics devoted to hand tool use and maintenance, and various other topics related to woodworking in general.

At present, my efforts are focused primarily on repair work.